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Ladies Please!


Ritchie Finger is Cindy Pastel
Mark Fitzhugh is Strykermeyer
Stuart Garske is Lady Bump



Andrew Saw


Vicki Watson
Rebel Penfold-Russell
Phaedon Vass

Director of Photography

Brian J Breheny


Danny Cooper

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Ladies Please! � Collectors Edition
Available 30th September 2008

Ladies Please is a rare and stimulating insight into the professional and personal lives of three of the most innovative drag performers and the inspiration behind the feature film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – Cindy Pastel (Ritchie Finger), Strykermeyer (Mark Fitzhugh) and Lady Bump (Stuart Garske).

We are taken into their world, in an age haunted by the spectre of AIDS, to see how drag performers, drawing from Japanese Kabuki to pre-war Berlin Cabaret, act as both court jesters and social commentators.

Through Ladies Please we observe Cindy Pastel’s relationship with his wife Kerrin and son Adam; Strykermeyer articulates his perceptions of the world they inhabit; whilst Lady Bump discusses his troubled journey from Sydney schoolboy to glamorous drag performer.

Ladies Please explores the strange bohemian world that is drag.

NOTE: This DVD is region encryption free, and is formatted to the PAL Video Standard.


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